Selpe, a dedicated division.

Selpe has a leading position in the Italian and international scene of recruiting and selection of Professional and Middle managers.


A division of Eurosearch Consultants, Selpe is directed by a team of dedicated consultants who make use of their dynamism and enthusiasm as well as their knowledge and proficiency as a result of their organizational analysis skills and recruiting and selection expertise.


Being part of a flexible and clearly defined international network allows to guarantee a painstaking and custom-made approach to the whole process both on a national and international basis.


Our ethical code, which implies unfailing consideration of privacy, confidentiality, integrity and equal opportunities, is ensured in every single stage of our assignment.


Our eagerness to reach first-class results and the awareness that our task is one of significant responsibility lead to carry out selections with thoroughness and utmost consideration.


Every stage of the selection process is examined and verified by our consultants through strict procedures. They personally carry out recruitment selections to guarantee consistent response to the clients' assignments.
Selpeis the perfect partner for the accomplishment organizational processes through a support service that guarantees:

  • job-market analysis through careful examination of the sector structures; 
  • understanding and consideration of different " company features and philosophies"; 
  • candidates data acquisition through networking, database, advertisement and ad hoc investigation; 
  • selection of candidates and evaluation of their job experience as to the job-position to be held; 
  • consultancy program during negotiations; 
  • assistance when candidates are hired.

Selpe offers the highest degree of service by regularly investing on local resources and state-of-the-art IT equipment to accomplish selection tasks.

Professionalism, clear problem understanding, efficient and time-effective problem solving are the features acknowledged by our clients.