Eurosearch Consultats - Head Hunting

Executive Search. Successful staffing.

The search for the right talent is a process requiring instinct and reasoning, flexibility and dedication. Rare combinations are the result of decades of experience and forward-thinking minds - this is what executive search means to Eurosearch Consultants.
When making important decisions, Eurosearch Consultants’ clients can always count on a loyal and trustful relationship, on a unique approach that brings together focused reasoning, a large network of contacts, and a cross-curricular team, and on a method based on the analysis and solution of critical situations.
Thanks to their understanding of the business environment, to the full sharing and discussion of the client’s values, and of the company’s mission and its challenges and targets, consultants at Eurosearch are able to outline with clients each feature of the ideal candidate for the job vacancy.
With a  consistent, specialized and complementary working team, a widespread presence in Italy and an international network, our consultants monitor competitors and prepare a target list of interesting companies, focusing on the most talented candidates.
During this process, the cross-curricular features of Eurosearch enable it to overcome traditional vertical searching patterns (bound within the relevant sector or reference function), using its proven solution of undisputed quality.
Candidates’ performance, skills and vocations are evaluated; their motivation for change and their personal qualities are observed.
The most interesting candidates are managers with a proven, outstanding performance backed by references, with the ability to manage and offer maximum support to the company’s development process
The approach towards candidate is always carried out in a very discrete way, based on the consistent experience and prestige of Eurosearch Consultants, with an eye to safeguarding a stable professional relationships with both candidates and clients.
Information is gathered and incorporated into a detailed report, a precious tool that addresses contingent selection needs and creates a map of the competitors’ market, their organization, and brand perception over the years.
Eurosearch Consultants strongly believes in the importance of the performance of its role. Work does not end with the choice of the candidate but continues after recruitment, with ongoing assessments in order to  reassure both parties at regular intervals.