Determine needs. Target services.

Eurosearch Consultants offers services targeted to the client's specific needs, recommending the most suitable solution for each project:

  • Executive Search
  • Selection of Middle Management and Specialists, Edge Division
  • Human Asset Evaluation and Enhancement, Co.Lo.Re.
  • Corporate and Executive Consultancy, Transitio

Executive Search

The search for the right talent is a process made of instinct and reasoning, flexibility and dedication. Rare combinations are the result of decades of experience and forward-thinking minds; this is what headhunting means for Eurosearch Consultants.

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Middle Management, Resources and Dedicated Offers

Edge is a division of Eurosearch Consultants specialising in the selection of specialists and middle managers.

Senior consultants drive search projects with support from a team of expert recruiters through an optimised process whose cornerstones are tradition, quality and innovative instruments, with the aim of selecting high-potential candidates

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Human Asset Evaluation and Enhancement

CoLoRe mainly operates in human asset evaluation and enhancement. Its method is based on services aimed at revealing the intellectual asset of companies, through the targeting of skills, performances and individual potential. In particular, CoLoRe can add value to professional skills and ensure development projects fit into the company’s organizational changes, enabling medium to long term strategies.

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Corporate and Executive Consultancy

Working with a selected network of highly experienced Professionals, with whom it has established over time successful and trusted relationships.

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