Talent Search and Selection.

Eurosearch Consultants searches and selects qualified, specialized manager profiles. The search process is carried out in a targeted way; potential candidates who are operational on the market are contacted directly, and as a  result the company’s know–how is quickly improved. The candidates that will be selected present the perfect profile to match the identified position within the company.


Each appointment starts with a close analysis of the company’s organization, history, values and culture. Its internal management structure and position on the international and national markets are also decisive factors.

The responsibilities and skills required for the position searched are pre-defined: this analysis follows the definition of the job description and of the profile of the position searched. Reference career levels and other relevant factors, such as geographic area and place of work, are also considered.


The following step is the compilation of company target list, a precise exploration of the most significant companies working in the sectors outlined during the briefing with the client. This allows us to find the best profile that perfectly fits the company requirement. After this, a direct search, supported by the large web of contacts built over more than 40 years of activity, is commenced.


During the selection phase, candidates meet Eurosearch Consultants advisors. They are invited to individual interviews focused on analysis and assessment of their professional experiences. Eurosearch Consultants compares ability and the necessary qualifications and verifies each professional and personal reference of the candidate.


In this phase, a candidacy short list is produced through the writing of homogeneous reports. These reports are used during the planning and organization of the selection interviews with the client. Eurosearch Consultants offers its assistance in the preparation of the employment package and, if needed, in the drawing up of the commitment letter.