Understanding, Searching, Proposing, Supporting: Our Method.

Over more than 40 years of activity, thanks to a cross-curricular team and a large web of relationships, Eurosearch Consultants has refined a working method that can fully match Clients’ expectations, always ensuring successful staffing.
Discretion and confidentiality are the main values of a code of ethics deeply rooted within the company: Eurosearch Consultants clients rely on a strong trust-based relationship, where tact, loyalty and determination are unquestioned.
In the case in point, our method focuses on the achievement of goals through several steps, part of a guaranteed and targeted process.
At the root of every search, there is the need to grasp and understand the real essence of the company, comparing its values and analyzing every aspect that determines its business management and philosophy.
The Search is carried out through an efficient and dynamic activity led by the inner “research” unit, using Eurosearch’s large web of contacts. Having defined a target list of companies to investigate, a detailed survey is then completed on the organizational structures, roles and scope of responsibilities, in order to find and catch the best profiles for the requested position. The direct field of search can be expanded through the integration of information extracted from the database, and through the continuous monitoring of the main specialized websites. The search also includes an analysis of non-conventional profiles originating from different sectors, enabling us to offer added value to the customer.
The search develops thanks to the interaction of several elements of know-how and a large web of contacts, built and consolidated over more than 40 years of Eurosearch activity. The output is a list of potential candidates, individually analyzed in a specific report.
A candidate’s strength is evaluated in connection with the specific position searched.
Eurosearch Consultants supports clients and candidates in the definition of every feature of the contract, constantly striving to achieve the highest satisfaction from each party. If during the trial period, it is mutually agreed that the contract should be terminated, Eurosearch Consultants shall repeat the search, assisting the client in the review of the right profile.
Thanks to its unquestioned experience, Eurosearch Consultants ha shistorically established solid and permanent professional relationships with companies and candidates.