Graphological analysis: a valid tool to support the complex art of predicting human behavior outside and inside the company
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Leadership, Tecnology ... and Creativity!

The 'Leadership & Technology' survey by Eurosearch, conducted in November through interviews to entrepreneurs, company leaders and R&D directors in over 100 Italian or multinational companies present in Italy, previously presented and debated in Rome, had a second dedicated edition in Turin.
Participating guests came from two opposing worlds: automotive, a theoretically historic presence in the district that is now however more dedicated to “mobility” than to the manufacturing of products, and the fascinating world of fashion and textiles, likewise impacted by technological innovation as well as by the notoriously ungraspable skill of creativity.
The issues raised by the survey and the results projected on the current scope and outlook for technical managers in the company received the contribution of Pierpaolo Antonio, CEO of General Motors Propulsion Systems Italia and Giuseppe Miroglio, entrepreneur and President of the Alba textile district.
The debate, backed by the represented industries, also involved interesting contributions from HR representatives, who are called to play an important role at the forefront of comprehending the rapid evolution that is under way, the company’s vision and consequently, the securement of skills that are often new a thinly spread.

The outcome was well summarised by the moderator, Daniele Cerrato, journalist and presenter of Rai TGR Leonardo, who noted that within the hands of the R&D Director at the top of a company there “lies a bet, largely still to be placed”.