Graphological analysis: a valid tool to support the complex art of predicting human behavior outside and inside the company
Eurosearch is proud to present the Angelini Future Leaders Program, of which it is a strategic partner.   It is a unique opportunity: a Program aimed at selecting 15 high-potential candidates from inside and outside Angelini, who will be...

Leadership and Technology

Businesses, Innovation, and Tomorrow’s Leaders
In a market environment in which technological innovation is so swift, strategic and crucial, we asked ourselves whether the current managers of technical and R&D divisions will be tomorrow’s leaders inside companies.
What traits and skills do they need to show today?
What are their true opportunities of reaching top positions, and what is their main and specific added value in terms of leadership from a company’s viewpoint?
Eurosearch carried out a survey, meeting and interviewing CEOs, CTOs, Technical/R&D Directors and HR Directors from 100 Italian Companies or locally present Multinationals that are representative in terms of size and sector.
The outcome of the survey was discussed on the 30th of November in a round table organised at the Rome offices of Eurosearch with special guests such as Matteo Marini (President of ABB Italia), Andrea Biraghi (Managing Director of the Information Systems and Security Division at Leonardo) and Mario Calabresi (Director of La Repubblica).
In light of the outcome of the survey, the debate focussed on the added value of technological expertise for managers running a company, and on the vision such individuals must have, either as an inborn trait or as a skill to be honed.
What came out of the round table in any case is an encouragement towards the development and contamination of technological knowledge at all levels and in all company divisions, rather than a segregation into dedicate innovation roles or departments.