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Eurosearch is proud to present the Angelini Future Leaders Program, of which it is a strategic partner.   It is a unique opportunity: a Program aimed at selecting 15 high-potential candidates from inside and outside Angelini, who will be...

ECI Group meeting and discussing GDPR

The ECI Group, whose Italian member is Eurosearch, held its annual residential Group Meeting last week, involving all of its Partners from around the world. As usual, it was the perfect venue to reconnect, assess work done up to date, and plan the next steps for the Group in terms of its evolution and of the daily work involving everyone.
Many significant issues were covered, including in particular the GDPR, the new European Regulation on Privacy and Protection of Data. This regulation will become applicable in May next year, and significantly affects all companies that handle personal data on a daily basis. The implications for the executive search industry are – needless to say – enormous (especially considering the potential fines of up to €20 million!)
Clare Mahon, Managing Director Europe & Africa of the AESC (Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants), to which all ECI Group companies belong, was especially invited as a guest to discuss this hot topic with us in person. The AESC is very active in supporting its members to address this situation and is offering tools and advice to ensure that all of its members continue to prove the high level of quality and commitment that has enabled them to be top players in the market.
And of course Eurosearch, like its other ECI Partners, is already hard at work to ensure compliance.