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Be Brave! (Women in Tech)

More than 100 Italian and multinational companies have subscribed the Manifesto For Women’s Employment supported by Valore D, presented in Rome on the 12th of September.
The 9-point plan identifies concrete instruments to enhance the power of women at the workplace.
In more detail, we are thrilled to share and stress our commitment in supporting article 2:
The importance of competency in STEM: (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) for innovation in products and processes. We are aware that on the one hand, these will be the professions of the future, and on the other, women risk being even more marginalised as they are not as present in these fields and at the top of such company functions.
Recent research shows a correlation between gender diversity at the workplace and the ability to innovate. Increased female employment means more growth, including economic growth. This is a concept that was also repeated by state secretary Maria Elena Boschi, present at the signing of the Manifesto in Rome, “Companies can no longer fail to recognise the value of gender diversity as a key resource for innovation, productivity and growth”.
Sustaining the COMPETENT presence of women – at all levels – in the professions of the future means, for us, automatically supporting a regeneration, a transformation and an injection of innovation in the workplace and in the economy.
On this point, we have encouraged and facilitated the creation of an informal organisation of “technological women”, pushed by the desire to exchange their experience and support each other in their careers through coaching, mentorship and widespread training. The organisation is growing and has just created a Linkedin Group ““Be Brave! Women in Tech”, with the aim of channelling information and stimuli and update participants on national and international initiatives.