Success Oriented Searches

Since 1969, Eurosearch Consultants has been involved in headhunting, providing the best candidates for job vacancies. The Eurosearch method consolidates over 40 years of experience. The cross-curricular team is strongly oriented towards achievement. We champion a strong belief in a code of ethics where values such as confidentiality and discretion rank first. The main aim is to match customers and candidates, enabling a successful staffing outcome.

Our widespread presence throughout Italy, our international network Eci Group and our large web of contacts established during the years, allow us to constantly observe the market, ensuring ad hoc solutions and appropriate candidacy. The selected candidates are experienced managers that could contribute to the processes of business development, therefore increasing know-how of the companies they work for.


About us

Eurosearch Consultants was established in 1969 as the first Italian company devoted to headhunting. During more than 40 years of activity, the company has been gaining in experience building important relationships with its customers.

The Network

Eci Group is an international network specializing in executive search. It numbers 21 offices worldwide with 120 experienced specialists. It extends its searches throughout the most important foreign markets.

The Team

The aim of the team is to satisfy companies and candidates, ensuring successful staffing. The different qualifications of the team make it a cohesive group always able to respond to the customers' needs.


Our Job

Eurosearch Consultants assists the customer by offering services correlated to the needs identified during the briefing and, after consideration of the functions and features of each project, it advices him of the right choice to make.


With its specialized competence in several markets, sectors and functional areas,
Eurosearch Consultants fully manages targeted search projects, seizing synergies, opportunities and skills.

The Method

The method aims to reach targets through different steps of an oriented process: by understanding, suggesting and assisting in this way, it is possible to establish strong professional relationships with customers.

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